Whether your project is large or small, you will need stable, cost effective heavy duty shoring systems that you can rely on. With today’s fast pace, you will need a more efficient shoring solution.

Heavy Duty Shoring Distribution Facility

Scafom Power Systems
The SPS 60 system allows for an easy and versatile method of constructing shoring and various structure supports, quickly! SPS 60 provides a modern, safe, and efficient solution to structural, concrete and civil engineering projects.Its design allows the legs to be braced from the ground to support higher elevation, ensuring a maximum load at any height, and allowing up to 60,000 lbs per leg. Our competitors’ 100,000 lbs per leg capacity products require the use of a crane to assemble, set and remove.
In contrast, our SPS 60 shoring can be assembled and removed by hand. This allows cost-savings and better safety.

Heavy-Duty Shoring Power System

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