By using Scafom North America you will be ensured the highest quality equipment adhering to the strictest safety standards in the world.
We have a team of engineers developing scaffolding to the highest standards in the European Union that meet or exceed all safety standards within Canada and the USA. To meet this feat we manufacture all of our Scaffolding and in doing so can bring you the best rates in the industry. Let our cohesive team help you define and design your goals, you will be under budget and on time, every time.

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Simplicity, reliability, convenience, efficiency, and safety are the foundations of our products. We use the optimum combination of a limited number of components to create a stable support structure. Our shoring product SPS 60 is the only one of its kind, giving you the flexibility to assemble in challenging spaces without the need to use a crane. At the end of the day, this means that Scafom USA systems can be employed with safety, and efficiency and functionality…during assembly, disassembly, staging, usage and beyond.
Did you know that other scaffolding and shoring distributors are buying Scafom products to rent out or resell? It is very rare for a scaffolding and shoring distributor to also manufacture the products they provide. We say, “Why settle for what others are doing?” Scafom manufactures our scaffolding and shoring products, which allows us to maintain complete quality control from design to fulfillment, with our traceable process. For each piece of equipment, we can tell you what materials were used, when and where it was made, and which testing criteria were used, an impressive feat when you consider Scafom manufactures its products in several countries on a global scale. This degree of traceability allows us to maintain standards of production that exceed all requirements for safety.

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While other companies “compatible” products can vary in size up to a full inch, when you use a Scafom product you know that the equipment is the exact size you ordered thanks to our strict quality control policies.
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