Do you need accessories to help enhance safety and functionality at the job site?
We have a variety of options from ladders to pully-systems. From couplers to clamps, our accessories provide time and cost saving solutions to your problems. Talk to us about our comprehensive approach to your scaffolding and shoring solutions! We can help you choose supplementary accessories to meet your needs.

Scaffold Accessories

We carry these scaffold accessories:
  • Beam Clamps
  • Twin ledger couplers
  • Side Brackets
  • Board Brackets
  • Casters and caster adapters
  • Ladders
  • Swing gates
  • Retention hooks
  • Hoists arms
  • Seaplast safety protection covers
  • Various types of clamps

Scaffold Accessories Seaplast

SEAPLAST products are designed for optimal safety for workers in transit zones with metal protrusions, and also provide protection to valuable surfaces while you are assembling your scaffolding. They suit all kinds and models of scaffolding, both traditional and multi-directional.
SEAPLAST protections are quick to install and reusable for future jobs, they are made of colored plastic to increase visibility, and include reflectors where necessary. Since we manufacture all articles directly in house, they can be customized to suit the customer’s preferences.
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