You can see the difference in our products with the high-quality zinc finish
The differences are apparent when looking at our products; you can see the difference in the high-quality zinc finish when you compare our products side by side with our competitors. In addition, Scafom North America employs quality control measures that stand out in the industry. One such area is our traceability. Safety comes first; that’s why RINGSCAFF was developed not just to meet, but to exceed industry standards. As a result, the RINGSCAFF system has large reserves of load capacity for safety!
Whether you are working on a large project, or in a small space, RINGSCAFF is the flexible system that provides you with greater efficiency, faster assembly and dismantling, as well as a more stable and safe modular scaffolding system. Not only can our system be built upward, it can also be built downward, for example on an oil platform extending down towards the water.

Ringscaff Modular Scaffolding

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