Scafom Stair Towers provide safe scaffolding construction access
Construction sites and scaffolding constructions must be easy and safe to access. Historically workers used to climb up the side of scaffolding and lacked a safe means of exit and entry to get up and down the project site safely and quickly in the event of an emergency.
Today, user and worksite safety is of paramount concern. You must be able to rely 100% on your support and safety systems. Stair Towers need to carry heavy loads reliably AND give stairway users safe access to difficult, often dangerous construction sites.

scaffolding construction access

Scafom North America ensures that all components are thoroughly tested during and after the production process. Our Stairway systems offer high load capacities that accommodate high traffic flows and adapt easily to the demands of different sites while meeting the strict requirements of user friendliness in high traffic environments. We optimize the on-site assembly process by including the first and last tread in the stair, so no extra components are required. Other important factors like fall protection, slip resistance of stairs and the optimization of weight to strength ratios are the focus of our engineering team.
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