Our Engineers create our scaffolding, shoring, post shores, and stair tower systems with one objective in mind: to create conditions where people can work with optimum safety. Worldwide, thousands of people in industrial, construction and infrastructure sectors rely on the certified quality of Scafom systems, including the US Navy. Learn why we produce the systems people ask for by name for their projects.
Ringscaff modular scaffolding is a flexible system that provides greater efficiency, faster assembly, and improved stability and safety.

Rinscaff Scaffolding

Our SPS 60 shoring system is the only product of its kind, and offers versatility, efficiency, and cost savings.


Our scaffolding construction access stairway systems offer high load capacities, accommodate high traffic flows, and adapt easily to the demands of different sites, while meeting strict requirements for user-friendliness.

Safe Scaffolding Construction access

Telescopic and push-pull props (Post Shores) support virtually every construction project-literally and figuratively. The integration of hand and drop-out protection makes them safe in use, they feature high-quality construction, and every component is completely hot-dip galvanized.


We have an array clamps, tubes and accessories to help you finish the job. We specialize in “access” and all the construction equipment associated. We have limitless solutions to your problems.

tube and clamp

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