Scafom is proud to offer scaffold sales and rentals in Ontario and Alberta. If you need Scaffolding or Swing Stage rentals and sales, look no further.
Our Ringscaff scaffold is a flexible modular system that provides greater efficiency, faster assembly, and improved stability and safety. It integrates into other popular scaffold products.

Scaffolding Sales and Rentals

If access over a parapet is needed you can rely on our superior swing stage products to deliver. Using the state of the art equipment we can supply or build you a swing stage that meets your every specification.

Swing Stage Sales and Rentals Canada

Our SPS 60 heavy-duty shoring is the only shoring system of its kind, and offers versatility, strength, efficiency, and cost savings.

Heavy-Duty Shoring

Our stair tower systems offer high load capacities, accommodate high traffic flows, and adapt easily to the demands of different sites, while meeting strict requirements for user-friendliness.

Stair Towers in Canada

Telescopic and push-pull post shores (props) support virtually every construction project-Literally and figuratively. The integration of hand and drop-out protection makes them safe in use, they feature high-quality construction, and every component is completely hot-dip galvanized.

Post Shores Canada

Whether it’s scaffold or swingstage parts we have an array of equipment to help you finish the job. We specialize in “access” and all the construction equipment associated. We have limitless solutions to your problems.

Scaffolding Accessories

Scaffolding Stair Towers
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